Corrugated tanks


Get an overview of our services in the field of Corrugated tanks:

  • corrugated oil tanks for efficient cooling
  • Plain sheet metal tanks for distribution transformers
  • Conservators and covers
  • From designing to manufacturing
  • Surface treatment & corrosion protection

Perfectly-designed corrugated oil tanks for efficient cooling

Our corrugated oil tanks/corrugated wall tanks are characterized by their special design. Thanks to stamped creases and oil ducts in the corrugations of the tank, a targeted oil flow ensures particularly-efficient cooling of oil-filled distribution transformers.


Transformer tanks

Plain sheet metal tanks for distribution transformers

Our plain sheet metal tanks stand out thanks to their build quality, in particular their high dimensional accuracy and weld seam quality, as well as a flexible arrangement of the cooling systems.


Conservators and covers

Covers for MENK's corrugated tanks are manufactured in different sizes and from different materials. Reliable welded joints are guaranteed even for different materials. As with all the fittings, our modern manufacturing plants ensure precise positioning and highest fitting accuracy.


From designing to manufacturing

Advice, planning and 3-D constructions – even in the field of corrugated tanks our technicians and engineers will assist you in your project planning phase with technical advice supporting you in procedural and constructional specifications.


Surface treatment & corrosion protection

MENK's surface technology is subject to very high standards since many of the constructions such as corrugated tanks for offshore plants have to stand extremely hard conditions in their later operational area.