Pipe coils, pipe coil systems and tanks

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Get an overview of our services in the field of Pipe coils & vessels:

  • Pipe coils, pipe coil systems
  • Tanks
  • Welding technology
  • Highest inspection and quality standards

Pipe coils, pipe coil systems

We manufacture pipe coils of different sizes from cold-formable steels and non-ferrous metals using state-of-the-art processes for a multitude of applications.


Thermal oil heaters


Our thermal oil heaters reliably provide the required process heating and cooling around the world. Customers with an extremely wide variety of applications benefit from our expertise and decades of experience.


Welding technology

Our excellently equipped tool-manufacturing facilities and the maximum quality of our welding technology have enabled us for decades to realize products made to our customers’ specifications exceeding the standards by far.


Highest inspection and quality standards

Schmehmann’s tube coils and vessels often find use in sensitive areas requesting high safety requirements. This is why they are subject to highest inspection and quality standards to ensure best quality and functionality.